Activity of the Department

On our department the students are acquainted with the diseases and pathogens of horticultural and arable crops. We attend the education in all training courses (Horticultural Engineer BSc and MSc, BSc in Informatics and Agricultural Engineering, BSc in Viticulture, MSc in Expert of Plant Protection and PhD training). Our students learn the basics of virology, bacteriology and mycology, learn how to recognize the diseases and defend the plants against them.

They can get acquainted with the classical diagnostic methods and the latest molecular techniques as well. In addition to the obligatory subjects, they can choose selectable subjects to study pathogens of certain horticultural cultures, the possibilities of agrotechnical, biological, chemical and integrated defence and prevention methods.

Our department also teaches knowledge on weeds, such as the origin, damage, biology of weeds, life forms of weeds, and the weed control of certain horticultural and arable cultures, including special technologies.

The students of MSc in Expert of Plant Protection can prepare their diploma work in both pathological and weed control subjects. The department has a modern laboratory that is constantly expanding, and is available to our students for research.

Teachers in our department are also involved in the training of foreign students and in three locations they participate in the cross-border training.