The short history of the Department

The predecessor of the Department of Plant Pathology was founded in 1924 by professor Dr. Károly Schilberszky who worked at the at the Hungarian Royal József Nádor University of Technology and Economics.This was the Institute of Life Sciences and Plant Pathology. He was the head of the Institute until 1929. His successor, from 1929 to 1946, was professor Dr. Béla Husz, who developed the department's education materials. His education note was pulished in 1934, and his book, "The Sick Plant and its Healing" was published in 1941. From 1946 Dr. Miklós Olgyay was a deputy professor at the Department of Plant Physiology and Pathology, at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the newly founded University of Agricultural Sciences. He was appointed as professor in 1947. At that time he and his colleagues, Dr. János Lehoczky,and Dr. Sándor Kaszonyi, established the proper conditions for research and tuition. He served in this capacity at the successor of the University at the Department of Plant Pathology at the Horticultural and Viticultural College until 1958, until his early, sudden death. After that, the acting head of the Department was Dr. Sándor Kaszonyi. Dr János Lehoczky was dismissed for political reasons in 1958.

From 1959 Dr. Márta Sebestyén and Dr. Márton Glits, and later Dr. Győző Folk attended the education and the research. In 1960 Dr. Sebestyén Márta left the department. In 1961 the Department of Plant Protection was established from the Department of Entomology and the Department of Plant Pathology, the head of this Dept. was Dr. Sándor Bognár. Within this department, as a unit was the plant pathology. Between 1961 and 1981, Dr. Sándor Hódosy worked for a short time at the Department of Plant Protection in the Plant Pathology unit. The lecturer of the Plant Pathology subject was Dr. Márton Glits from 1967 and his associates Dr. Győző Folk and Dr. Katalin Imre.

In 1967 the weed control unit was established, with lecturers Dr. Magda Terpóné Dr. Pomogyi and later with Dr. András Meszleny, then Dr. István Petrányi, associate professors. At the same time, Dr. Terpóné Dr. Magda Pomogyi, Dr. Sándor Bognár, and then Dr. Márton Glits from 1985 were the responsible for the Integrated Pest Management subject. In 1973 the Plant Protection Engineering Program started, where the responsible professor for Plant Pathology was Dr. Dr. Vörös József.

After Dr. Sándor Bognár retired, from 1982 to 1986, the head of the Department of Plant Protection was Dr. Károly Farkas. From 1987 to 1990 as Plant Protection Institute operated the two former departments and the head of the Institution was Dr. Zoltán Király, and Dr. Zoltán Klement was the head of the Department of Plant Pathology. In 1990 a separate Department of Plant Pathology was established, leaded by professor Dr. Márton Glits. With the termination of the institute the weed control unit and the subjects were attached to the Department of Plant Pathology. Dr. István Petrányi was responsible for the weed plant subjects, Dr. Győző Folk, Dr. Zsuzsanna Némethy, Dr. Mária Hevesi and Dr. Pál Salamon were responsible for Plant Pathology related subjects and researches. The Integrated pest management was taught by Dr. Márton Glits professor and Dr. Győző Folk.

The above mentioned researchers and trainers also participated in various specialization courses (correspondence, distance learning, subjects B, specializations). The head of the department was Dr. Sándor Süle between 2000 and 2003. Meanwhile Dr. Mária Hevesi and Pál Salamon left the department. Dr. Márton Glits retired in 2004. The Head of the Department since 2003 is professor Dr. László Palkovics.