Scientific results

  • Identification of genetic changes responsible for the resistance-breaking in Tomato spotted wilt virus and Pepper mild mottle virus;
  • Determination of the spread of an European, resistance-breaking isolate of Pepper mild mottle virus;
  • We have found that TSWV resistance-breaking isolates are always localized;
  • First report of appearance of Plantago asiatica mosaic virus in liliom in Hungary;
  • Testing the FTA membrane for collection, detection and storage of RNA viruses;
  • Examination of peach rootstock and improved variety combinations for PPV susceptibility;
  • First report of Erwinia amylovora in Hungary on stone fruits;
  • First report of Acidovorax citrulli causing the rot of watermelons in Hungary;
  • First identification of Monilinia fructicola quarantine pathogen from imported stone fruits;
  • First report of Monilinia polystroma in Europe, description of a new symptom;
  • First identification and characterization of Plasmopara obducens in Impatiens walleriana plants;
  • First report of Colletotrichum species on fruizts of Cornus mas, figs and blueberries;
  • Identification of the fungicidal resistance of domestic Monilinia isolates;
  • Characterization of the morphological and genetic diversity of Colletotrichum species;
  • First domestic identification of Seiridium cardinale on evergreens;